Dear visitors, welcome to my personal website.

In an era, where technology and new forms of communication are moving with tremendous pace, like the changes in the legislation and the legal services, I found necessary the creation of this website, to everyone’s intermediate and direct access to law and thinks of general interest.

After being trained and worked for selected and Acknowledged Law Firms, I decided, in September 2010, to create my own professional office. It was a quite easy decision, since the new economic and social reality in our country leaves place for new and innovative ideas.

Through this effort, I am trying to bring these ideas to life. We offer better legal services and make clients feel safe and protected. For the new generation, which I also represent, being a safe citizen means the existence of honesty and trust between people, values which are now rare in our daily lives and even more difficult to find in professional relationships. Furthermore, being a safe citizen means to have the right and the opportunity to information and legal advice, elements that are either frequently distorted, or costly. These principles I always wanted to combine and serve as advocate, because these are rare and are the things a client seeks for nowadays, now he is aware of the operating conditions and the misleading and has no room for unnecessary costs.

Therefore, valid and comprehensive legal services must cease being a privilege for the few, as the implementation of egalitarianism exclusively based on justice is an indication of culture and progress.

These are my ideas, like many other young people, who used to hear as children that “justice is blind” and growing up we realized that whether to change that or not is now in our hands.

To share these ideas and to launch a new approach to legal services, which combine innovation, experience and logic and attentive remuneration it would be great honor for me to make the acquaintance of each one of you.

With honor and appreciation

Efstratia Th. Tzoumaili


The law firm “EFSTRATIA TZOUMAILI – LEGAL SERVICES” by its scientific training and experience, available, uninterrupted monitoring and information on legislation and national case law, guarantees the immediate and full implementation of all cases which have been assigned to us. The Law Office is located opposite Ladadika Thessaloniki at 6, Leontos Sofou street. The office hours are daily during the hours 9:00 – 15:00 and 18:00 – 21:00, exception for Friday.