• INDIVIDUAL BANKRUPTCY: Reduce and adjust the debts of Individuals

Our law office it was among the first who studied with n. 3869/2010 and we have acquired great specificity due to our experience. We have successfully handled many cases achieving even 100% debt write-off, while we had achieved making merchants in this setting.

 Civil Law

  • Compensation (by contract, tort, liability during negotiations faulty sales contract, unjust enrichment)
  • Real Estate, Property law. We handle successfully the entire process of buying and selling property and solving every relevant problem
  • Property management (real estate contracts, find a buyer or renter, pay relevant taxes etc)
  • Family law (divorce, maintenance, acquisitions, child custody, adoption etc.)
  • Inheritance Law (wills, inheritance, claiming legal acceptance of fate etc)
  • Personality Infestations (of person, media etc)
  • Automobile Differences (traffic accidents, Bodily Injury, Claiming damages etc.)
  • Recognition Of Foreign Courts Judgments
  • Translations

 Criminal Law

  • Violations
  • Labor/Automobile accidents
  • Physical/Material Damage
  • Crimes against property/estate
  • Financial Crime
  • Tax Evasion
  • Virtual/Fake invoices
  • Weapons
  • Drugs
  • Trafficking
  • Slander/Vilification
  • Domestic Violence

 Commercial Law

  • Home business relocation in Cyprus and Bulgaria
  • Company Formation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business advisory
  • E – commerce Law
  • Protection of intellectual and industrial property
  • Domain Name, Brand etc
  • Compensation of commercial contracts
  • Unethical Competition
  • Commercial contracts (leasing- factoring- franchising)

 Administrative Law

  • Appeals/ Actions of all Kinds
  • Requests For Annulment
  • Appeals of civil servants
  • Recognition of rights
  • Foreigners
  • Nationality law